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Ear Training

Little Mozart 

Introduction Level: 

Learning how to read music 

Treble and Bass clef 

Singing notes 

Young Mozart I

Elementary Level: 

Solfege singing

Basic time signature

Tapping basic rhythm

Conducing basic rhythm 

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Young Mozart II

Elementary Level: 

Solfege singing

Basic time signature  

Complex time signature

Tapping complex rhythm

Teen Mozart 

Intermediate Level: 

Sight Singing 

Triad quality

Triad inversions 

Figured bass writing 

Amadeus Mozart 

Advance Level: 

7th chord quality 

7th chord inversions 

Aug 6th

Spring 2019

Spring enrollment is now open! 

First lessons of this semester starts from January 14th. 

** If you would like to join from mid semester,

please contact us! Not a problem!**

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