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Spring 2019

Spring enrollment is now open! 

First lessons of this semester starts from January 14th. 

Please fill out the online enrollment form and email it to us!

** If you would like to join from mid semester,

please contact us! Not a problem!**

Private Lessons

for all programs

16 weekly lesson in one semester.


5% OFF
Studio Lessons

30 min $144 per monthly payment  

(age 3-12)

60min $288 per month payment 

(age 13+)

Studio Lessons

30 min $547.20 per semester payment  

60min $1,094.40 per semester payment 

5% OFF
In-Home Lessons

60min $348 per month payment 

In-Home Lessons

 60min $1,322.40 per semester payment 

Enrollment Fee





Piano Concert Hall


At the end of the semester,

we have a performance opportunity to celebrate your accomplishment! 

Student's success is everything to us. 

We love seeing students work hard and be motived to earn their award.


Award Certificates will be given after student's first semester recital of the school year. 

Trophies will be given after student's second semester recital of the school year. 

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Example: A student start lessons in the fall semester, award certificate will be given at the end of the semester. Then a student continues to spring semester, will be given the trophy! 

*Recitals are included in the tuition fee! 

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