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Sheet Music

Music Theory

Little Bach 

Introduction Level: 

Learning how to read music 

Treble and Bass clef 

Read and write notes 

Young Bach I

Elementary Level: 


Alto clef

Key signature

Major and minor 


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Young Bach II

Elementary Level: 

Key signature review 

Major and minor 


Triad inversion 

Teen Bach

Intermediate Level: 

Triad review 

7th chords

7th chord inversion

Four part writing 

Spring 2019

Spring enrollment is now open! 

First lessons of this semester starts from January 14th. 

** If you would like to join from mid semester,

please contact us! Not a problem!**

J.S. Bach

Advance Level: 


Four part writing review 

Chromatic Harmony 

Aug 6th chords 

Musical Forms

AP Music Theory 


2 Year Program:

Intermediate Fall

Advance Spring 

AP Music Theory Prep Fall  

AP Music Theory Turbo Spring 


1 Year Program:

Advance Fall

AP Music Theory Prep Spring 

- Students who want to prepare ahead of time! 

- Want to be more confident in Music Theory 

- Students who has been taking our Music Theory Lessons! 

- Polish your Music Theory skills! 

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